homelessness and housing

Supporting households at risk of homelessness is a complex and costly process. Our housing and homelessness products provide a suite of analytics that give you real insight into the demands on your service and the individuals that require support.

The reports show the volume of applications at each stage of the process, with the ability to aggregate these volumes to show long-term trends, and to drill right down to show daily and weekly flows through the system. This is complimented with the ability to cross-filter by reasons for homelessness, eligibility status and applicant profiles, providing a strategic insight into needs and trends, alongside operational reports that provide caseloads and decision outcomes.

To compliment your homelessness demand analytics, our housing supply reports provide a profile of accommodation available to the Local Authority, including size, location, the gross and net cost of temporary accommodation and a profile of active tenancies by tenure.

Homelessness and housing Services

  • Volumes and trends in applications for homelessness

  • Temporary accommodation volumes, tenant profiles and cost

  • Profiling of housing stock availability, cost and quality

  • Automation of statutory returns, including H-CLIC (Homelessness Case Level Classification Information) and CORE (The Continuous Recording of Lettings & Sales)

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