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itelligent-i Analytical Accelerators provide ready-made insights to accelerate your outcomes

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The requirements across any public sector organisation for quality and insightful data can be complex and varied, and more important today than ever before. 

itelligent-i’s years of experience working alongside senior decision makers and subject-matter experts in the public sector has resulted in the development of a suite of core Analytics Accelerators for Microsoft Power BI, that have been implemented with numerous and all variants of Local Authorities across the UK. 

itelligent-i’s Analytics Accelerators for Local Government have been designed to accelerate your organisations’ adoption of data-driven decision making, based on a detailed understanding of local government processes, needs, statutory requirements and locally defined priorities. 

Our expertise in your domain and cutting-edge analytical skills means that we can work with you to develop additional bespoke analytics to meet all of your organisation’s requirements. 

insights when you need them most

By implementing itelligent-i’s Analytics Accelerators you could be live with your first set of fully automated reports, securely shared with decision makers within weeks. 

itelligent-i’s skilled analysts work with your teams to implement and build out the Accelerators to represent your local and unique business processes and local datasets. Modified with customer input using agile delivery, you can be assured that the outputs will generate real value, replacing outdated and inconsistent reporting at a strategic and operational level as well as supporting performance management in near real time. 

Building on our iDAP Framework’s data architecture and security model, our insights designed to be performant and maximised your cloud investment and maintains a security first distribution model that is fully audited. 

Our understanding of requirements and local government data sources (business systems, partners data, and opensource) means that your internal teams can be involved as little or as much as you can support, minimising the impact on business as usual. 

Accelerate Every Department

Our Analytics Accelerators for Local Government include over 70 themes, across all departments, at all levels.  They are comprehensive in every way, and you’ll be delighted when you see what you can have during a demo.

For over a decade itelligent-i has built in knowledge of local government processes and demand, into a format that is ready to go.  Our implementation processes allow subject matter experts to have input ensuring insights are aligned to local processes and language that are familiar to your organisation.

The Analytics Accelerators are built on our iDAP Framework to ensure performance, security and auditing at an enterprise level.

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