our data and analytics solutions are tailored to councils to accelerate their data driven journey, in a secure and compliant approach

Data and Analytics Services

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled approach to end-to-end data and analytics services with the ability to draw out key insights. Our Analytics Accelerators are designed to meet the needs of every council across the country, irrespective of their current standing in their data journey.


We understand that every council is unique, with its own set of challenges and goals. This understanding, along with our industry knowledge is at the core of our services. We offer our Accelerators and bespoke analytics solutions so the insights provided are not just effective but also transformative.  Our services stand out because they provide fully automated insights that are difficult to achieve without the unique blend of technical, analytical and subject matter expertise we bring.

Our unique blend of technology, expertise, and a deep understanding of the public sector’s businesses and processes allow us to deliver actionable insights that drive efficiency, innovation, and enable better decision-making across councils.  Our focus is helping councils to be truly data driven.  See the outcomes we deliver or contact us for a demo. 

your data and analytics partnership

By partnering with itelligent-i, councils can unlock the full potential of their data quickly and securely. This paves the way for more informed, data-driven decisions that benefit both the council and the communities they serve.

Many councils are already on a journey, and a some have yet to start.  Having an understanding of where to start and what the business requirements and benefits are, can be a difficult and daunting task.  

some councils will have already started, and understand the requirements, but are not sure what the best options or solutions are especially when you bring in the complexities of audit and governance.  Some are simply finding the analytical development more difficult and resource intensive as the organisation transitions from the provision of data to useable insights.

No matter where you are in your journey, we can help accelerate the delivery of insights for your council, and quickly increase your understanding within the context of your organisation.

Engaging your organisation

If you are currently engaging your business and trying to gain an understanding of requirements, or generating a business case to support funding or just trying to gain traction in the business itelligent-i offers a proven route to engagement.

itelligent-I’s Corporate Business Intelligence Review (CBIR) is a proven process to quickly gather the organisations requirements and challenges, and importantly provide a business case and future direction for the organisation.

Our experienced Principals and leadership have delivered more than 20 CBIRs to County Councils, Boroughs, and City Councils with many trusting itelligent-i to go on and deliver our solutions and often engage in much longer partnerships.

Typical engagement 8 – 12 weeks

  • Conduct the CBIR

Innovating and experimenting

If you are in the process of developing a Data Platform or implementing Power BI (or another Data Visualisation tool) you’ll be trying to gain traction with business leaders, and developing the skillsets required to implement Cloud Data Services, Analytics skillsets but the business is in need of an accelerated approach.

Typical example 60 day project

  • Conduct the CBIR (if requirements are needed or a business is required)
  • Complete a Pathfinder by selecting one Accelerator Module
    • Deploy Data and Analytics Platform, or use you own
    • Deploy the iDAP Framework for a single data source
    • Deploy the itelligent-i Analytics Accelerator

Enabling your organisation

Your organisation has agreed a way forward and you need to consider all the facets that make up and enterprise data and analytics solution, from Security, Auditing, Data Quality, to Data Management, Data Matching and, Descriptive and diagnostic analytics.

This assumes you are aware of the business requirements are.

Typical example, Adult Social Care, 11 analytics modules, 6 Months duration

  • Complete a Pathfinder by selecting one Analytics Accelerator Departmental Area
    • Deploy Data and Analytics Platform, or use you own
    • Deploy the iDAP Framework for a single data source
    • Deploy the itelligent-i Analytics Accelerator

You may wish to do more Departmental Areas at any given time.  These can be delivered in parallel with or sequentially to suit your business pressures.

Delivering organisational wide insights

You’re delivering Analytics and wondering why its not getting engagement from the business, or maybe its not gaining traction from the intended audiences.

Developing useable, understandable insights that contain the information needed by Local Government departments is difficult.  Translating the numbers into insights, with trends that tell a story, and provide every level of the organisation with easy to consume, daily updated and secure Insights.  itelligent-i Analytics Accelerators provide organisation wide coverage (see here).

Here a typical example of a project that will take 24 – 30 months to deliver:

  • Review you processes and Data Platform for security and technical efficiencies.
    • Make any amendments necessary.

  • Deploy organisational Insights through Analytics Accelerators
    • Adults Social Care & Public Health
    • Homelessness
    • Childrens Social Care
    • Education (including SEND & home to school Transport)
    • HR
    • Finance
    • Revenues and Benefits

  • Implement Master Data management for
    • Single view of a Child
    • Single View of an Adult
    • Supporting Families
    • Single View of Debt

All itelligent-i project a paced to meet our customers needs.  Our projects are very light touch on the organisation’s resources, as we understand and respect the challenges modern local government faces.  We’ve done this many time!

information, LoB systems, primary research, social networks, spreadsheets, ONS, Met Office, shared files, Open Data network, IoT etc.


an analytical interpretation and reasoning of information, drawing inferences, conclusions and recommendations


thought and reason based upon insightful information

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