Cloud data platform

build a data platform and become data driven, quickly and securely

Experience and sector knowledge

For more than a decade, itelligent-i has supported and guided local authorities to become data driven using our proven approach to deploying and maintaining best-practice cloud data platform solutions.

During this time we have developed a Data ‘Framework’ called the iDAP Framework (a pre written codebase for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services), and Power BI Analytics Accelerators (pre written data models for all areas of the public sector organisations)

Combined, the iDAP Framework and itelligent-i’s Power BI Analytics Accelerators, provide organisations with a consistent, secure, audited, and fully automated analytics solution which provides huge efficiencies, reduces risk and breaks down the barriers between departments for all corporate reporting requirements.

Our experience means that we understand our customers will be at different stages of their data journeys and varying states of progress regarding their Data (and Analytics) Strategy. However, our proven solutions help accelerate the deployment of analytics across organisations in a safe a secure way, regardless of where customers are on their journey.

Once deployed our customers have a much deeper understanding of their organisation, having up to date insights into their operational and strategic activity, with context, to define future direction of the organisations policies and improvements.

best practice and security First

The last 10 years has seen significant change and enablement in the Data and Analytics solutions space with the rise of Cloud Data Services. There has also been a significant development from all major software companies to deliver Cloud Data Services. This helps organisations such as Councils to achieve faster, more accurate results.

itelligent-i is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has been working with customers to deploy Microsoft Azure Data Services and Power BI Analytics since the inception of Cloud Data Services. In doing so, itelligent- i has developed significant experience and knowledge and understands the progress made by the software venders.

With this knowledge itelligent-i is able to provide its customers with the support to implement an Azure Data Platform, following industry best practice and security, that enables the implementation of the iDAP Framework and itelligent-i Analytics Accelerators.

Today, Microsoft and other venders provide the best in modern data solutions. In past years this meant understanding and configuring multiple data services to work in conjunction. In more recent years Microsoft specifically, has brought these data services together into ‘solutions’ including, Synapse and Microsoft Fabric. We believe that there is a place for all deployments. itelligent-i’s approach is to support customers to understand and deploy their preferred configuration, and quickly.

Azure Data Services, Syanpse or Fabric

itelligent-i’s iDAP Framework and Analytics Accelerators are deployable to all variants of Microsoft Azure Data Services, whether deployed on individual Microsoft data services such as Databricks, Data Factory etc. , or Microsoft Synapse, or Microsoft Fabric.

Any itelligent-i project requires a Data Platform deployment which we will ensure works in an enterprise deployment, with the security at the forefront. Aligned to this is the deployment of Data Platforms. We have experience of this as well.

itelligent-i will simply review the Data Platform to ensure it has been configured in a manner that meets the expected security requirements, and multi-environment configuration required to ensure business continuity, while Data Engineers, and Analytics Developers areas to do their work without affecting business users.

Data Platform Configuration

Once the preferred deployment has been agreed, itelligent-i will support the deployment in a few different ways. The itelligent-i approach is to accelerate each stage of a project by providing our customers with pre-written, and proven solutions that can be modified to your preferences.

We bring to any project a predefined Data Platform design in a contextual Guide. This Guide is purposefully written at a high level, in a contextual format. So regardless of customers Cloud skillset, the requirement for the data platform can be understood and approved with confidence. This Infrastructure Guide is updated and signed off after options have been discussed with Customers in an itelligent-i-led workshop.

Once the Infrastructure Guide signed off, itelligent-i can support customers in a few ways

Collaboration with Partners

It’s not uncommon for customers to have completed Cloud Transitions, either internally or with partners who often continue to provide support. itelligent-i has worked alongside, and sub-contracted to, some of the largest technical consultancies in the world, including Microsoft in the Local Government Sector. We are fully able to support, regardless of where you are at on this journey.

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