iDAP Framework

itelligent-i’s Data and Analytics Platform Framework (iDAP Framework) accelerates becoming Data Driven in a secure and sustainable manner.

Enterprise level capability

Embracing the journey toward becoming a data-driven organisation necessitates the harnessing the best in cloud data and analytics technology aligned with our methodologies for security, data governance, auditing, data quality enhancement, and the seamless delivery of analytical insights derived from both straightforward and complex data sources.


The foundation of this transformative path lies in an enterprise level configuration that enables an organisation to fully capitalise on its data assets. This configuration needs to underpin data security and governance, provide operational efficiencies, align strategies, monitors progress, and facilitates the delivery of more effective public services.

supporting the most vulnerable

Addressing the intricate demands of People Services, local authorities must integrate and match data from a myriad of systems across various services. This integration aims to construct comprehensive profiles of residents utilising council services, achieving a unified view of families, adults, children, and financial obligations, among others.

The complexities in processes and data ownership within People Services processes means data matching can be complex.  the iDAP Framework provides a fully automated and secure Data Matching capability to provide insights for Supporting Families and Single Views of Debts, enabling councils to support the most vulnerable in society. 

A data-driven organisation is distinguished by its access to actionable, current insights, integrating these into daily operational discussions and decisions, guiding the evolution of business processes, and directing investments while tracking their impacts. Achieving this level of insight-driven operation requires the translation of data into actionable intelligence efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring security, compliance with legislation, and manageable oversight which is what we provide.

streamlined code framework for data platforms

For over a decade, itelligent-i has developed and refined the itelligent-i Data and Analytics Platform Framework (iDAP Framework) for Microsoft Azure Data Services, enabling efficient, secure data analytics without the need for bespoke design services. The iDAP Framework is repeatable for all data sources, providing validation and logging for data management teams to ensure precise outcomes. Alongside itelligent-i Analytics Accelerators, our framework offers quick, efficient insight deployment across Local Government, tailored to specific departmental needs.

The framework emphasizes automation, cost efficiency, and security, supporting scalable data strategies via Microsoft Azure’s pay-as-you-go platform, facilitating integration with IoT and AI for comprehensive, future-ready analytics.

The iDAP Framework streamlines the transition to a data-driven approach by automating data ELT processes and providing Data Management outputs to ensure accuracy.  Requiring minimal maintenance post-implementation the framework eliminates manual errors and governance issues, offering up-to-date insights with fewer resources. This results in full automation, enhanced data quality, more accurate insights, and improved compliance, benefiting more than 20 local authorities by reducing costs and outdated practices.

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