research & statistical insights

There are some questions that need a more in-depth research approach to be successfully answered with analytics. These may involve primary data collection, working across multiple agencies or simply the application of more advanced statistical techniques.

The value of the data we collect is ever increasing, but the capability to bring together the right datasets and produce models to answer in-depth and often adhoc research questions is not always easy. Analysing patterns and trends in your data can be complex and involve a range of skills that may not exist within your organisation.

  • Resident segmentation, to profile and classify the population based on a range of characteristics
  • Evaluation of projects and initiatives delivered across multiple agencies
  • In-depth understanding of strategic priorities, such as:
    • how can we encourage an increase in take-up of digital services and where might this not be possible?
    • what influences the educational outcomes of children in care?
    • what is the skills profile of the local economy and how does this compare with future demand?

Our experienced analysts can help you to shape the requirements and deliver research projects that provide genuine insights… with the added benefit of automated updates, interactive data visualisations and secure, governed access.

local insights

All too often, decisions are made on nationally published data sets with minimal local context. Although there is huge value in the many sources of open data, especially when it comes to benchmarking, these should not be relied on to understand local problems and priorities.

At itelligent-i we are passionate about making the most of your locally held data sets; harnessing these and providing a suitable platform for the right analysts and researchers to access local data with the most up-to-date and relevant tools.

robust techniques

Our research projects involve the application of robust statistical techniques, to ensure that you can be confident in the messages and recommendations that arise. Our analysts have many years’ experience analysing a wide-range of data sets and drawing inferences that provide insight, not just information.

Statistical techniques such as:

  • correlations

  • linear regression and forecasting

  • key driver/influencer analysis

  • ‘what if’ scenario modelling

  • cluster analysis

  • analysis of variance and significance

  • hypothesis testing

the latest tools

Our research projects are developed and delivered on a platform that is built to last; the latest tools providing sophisticated analytical techniques, such as R, Azure Databricks, Python and Power BI. We can deliver projects independently or work with your internal Research Team to embed methodologies, up-skill and ensure the right tools and techniques are deployed in the right way.

If you have complex questions that could be answered by insightful research, please get in touch to discuss the range of options available from itelligent-I to support your organisation.

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