predictive analytics

As organisations shift emphasis to proactive intervention and prevention, keeping an informed eye on the future is more crucial than ever…

the public sector is constantly evolving...

Today in most complex public sector organisations decisions are often too reactive, based on what has already occurred. This can cause high risk and inefficiency, especially when vulnerable people are involved. It is no wonder that predictive analytics is fast becoming one of the most talked about solutions in service delivery and transformation.

complex scenarios need sophisticated solutions

Whether you are exploring future demand, cost or supply, at an operational or strategic level, our advanced analytics can predict answers to your questions:

  • how many people do we expect to contact our services and for what reasons?

  • what areas of cost are likely to increase the most?

  • which residents may be most likely to need support in the future?

  • what services should be commissioned based on emerging needs in the population?

  • how many staff will we need to process applications on each day of the week, and what skills will they need?

  • if we implement a new intervention, what will the impact be on other service areas?

How Can We Help

Implementing predictive analytics for Homelessness, we enabled one of our Local Authority customers to identify the volume and type of future service demand they could expect through their front door, as well as predicting the outcome of each homelessness application on the day they were received.

The application process can take a number of weeks so having this level of insight at the earliest opportunity allows the council to plan their housing supply in a much more intelligent way. Over time, as the data points build in the Data & Analytics Platform, the level of confidence in the predicted outcome will become more precise, allowing the service to make real-time, data-driven decisions.

data science or simply the right analytics?

Predictive Analytics is a hot topic and the public sector is increasingly deploying teams of ‘data scientists’ to tackle these complex problems. Great analytical talent certainly helps, however, without the right sector experience, platform or access to the right data (at the right frequency) aligned to clear organisational purpose, this can become a costly process with few tangible results.

itelligent-i’s experience of public sector analytics and priorities means that we are well placed to deliver the predictive analytics that can add real value.

Our analysts work with you to refine your questions and target solutions at relevant business problems; whether they are short-term and operational or long-term strategic scenarios.

advanced analytics for your organisation… built to last

Our advanced analytics are never a ‘one-off’. All of our solutions are built on the itelligent-i Data & Business Analytics Platform, a sustainable cloud platform with automated processes to refresh data sets and update our award-winning data visualisations. This means that your predictive analytics continue to ‘learn’ and increase in value over time, providing a platform to build further analytics in the future.

Do you know the right questions to ask of predictive analytics? Getting the foundations right with good quality analysis of historic data patterns can provide a clear direction and you’ll get better results from your predictive analytics. That’s why advanced analytics work especially well when deployed alongside our Starter Packs, providing you with a comprehensive suite of descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics supporting all levels of your organisation.

There are many paths towards good outcomes with predictive analytics though, so we’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your specific questions.

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