Supporting Families across Avon and Somerset 

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It’s great to see the award of £7.9m to 10 partnerships across the U.K through the MHCLG Supporting Families Data Accelerator Fund.  At itelligent-i we are already working with the Bristol City Council, whose work to date around Troubled Families was one the key factorin the success of the Avon and Somerset bid.

itelligent-i is working with the Think Family team at Bristol to lay new foundations for Bristol City Council to enable increased targeted, multi-agency, upstream prevention through data sharing and analytical collaboration.

Bristol City Council (BCC) have been a beacon of great practice and achievement with their Think Family approach to early intervention in Troubled Families. They have achieved significant success by focusing on all the reasons to legitimately bring multi-agency data together and target appropriate upstream intervention through good analytical practice.

However, they reached the limits of what could be achieved with their on premises Think Family Database and are now harnessing the power and assurance of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud through itelligent-i’s Data and Analytics Platform (iDAP) and their analytical capability.

Working with BCC, itelligent-i has already installed the iDAP and created automated, secure visual analytics providing insights into Children and Families who have complex relationships with the Council. This next phase will enable, and further improve the cross partner working and generate even better outcomes for children.

Implemented into Bristol’s Microsoft Azure Tenant and using Azure Data Services, the iDAP is now being scaled to bring together all the relevant delivery partner datasets through robust data security and privacy assurance built in to itelligent-i’s platform. Moving forward the iDAP will provide the capability to share data sets and analytical insight securely while enabling partners to collaboratively improve the lives of those with complex needs, from a single source of truth, efficiently and securely.

To learn more about how itelligent-i can help you extend your iDAP implementation and Analytics, or support you as lead authority to enable automated, secure cross partnership practice please fill in your details below.

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