Information Strategy

We help transform data into actionable insights; so organisations can make well informed, strategic and operational decisions based on fact. Not theory.

The public sector is constantly evolving...

…and we know your organisation will have experienced many changes over the last few years. But you simply can’t progress in the digital era if you’re struggling to turn data into useable insights that enable decision making at every level of your organisation.

The problem is, you need the right information at your fingertips to make critical decisions with confidence. Without these insights, it’s like flying a plane with no instruments…

It also doesn’t help that you’re unlikely to have the right skills to develop the analytical insights your organisation needs from the ever-increasing data you’re handling.

So it’s impossible to get the right information you need to make big strategic business decisions and deliver truly transformational change.

Using our highly experienced Analytical, and technical team, we help transform data into actionable insights; so organisations can make well informed, strategic and operational decisions based on fact. Not theory.

Let us help you navigate…

itelligent-i has extensive public sector experience and helps streamline access to data you want to utilise by developing insights for consumers. itelligent-i help turn data into clear and useful insights using advanced and predictive analytic techniques, so that you can make structured and confident decisions.

itelligent-i can even help you realise significant savings by implementing our Data and Analytics Platform built on leading cloud technologies, and automating many of the manual, timing consuming, data related tasks your business conducts repeatedly everyday.

itelligent-i’s Information Strategy Methodology has been designed to provide organisation with a corporate view of data that not only provides fantastic insights, but also provides solutions for data governance, data quality, and provides a complete auditing solution for data access and viewing your insights. It also supports you to develop the right organisational skills to help you become self-sufficient, and have an internal data management function.

itelligent-i knows that data security is of the highest priority and we walk through how the Data and Analytics Platform actually supports making you compliant, and how to use the platform (people and processes) to ensure best practice is met.

itelligent-i also knows there is no ‘one size fits all’ in Public Sector. So to help identify what’s right for your particular organisation, we work with you to conduct a Corporate Business Intelligence Review (CBIR) to find clear recommendations that enable your organisation to be genuinely data-driven, where decisions are made based on evidence and facts.

The itelligent-i leadership team brings over 40 years of combined experience across the Public Sector, meaning we bring credibility to our approach and understand the complexities the Public Sector and third party organisations deal with every day.

We use tried-and-tested knowledge to help you with security and governance considerations, skills, processes, data quality, and appropriate technology platforms.

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