Supporting Families

Supporting Families is making a real impact across family outcomes up and down the UK, but we recognise that the infrastructure that sits behind compiling data for analysis is very manual and intensely time-consuming process. itelligent-i can automate the process providing daily updates...

Supporting Families was launched by the Ministry or Housing, Communities & Local Government to help families across England get the help they need to address multiple disadvantages through a whole family approach.

The identification of families in need of support can be complex and involves a variety of data sets from different sources across the Local Authority and by partners. We recognise that the infrastructure that sits behind compiling data for analysis and performance is usually a very manual and intensely time-consuming process.

The concept of Supporting Families is not just about identifying those in need but about working with families differently; bringing together the wealth of data to support families in a co-ordinated way, and to use this rich asset to understand ‘risk factors’ and enable early intervention and prevention. And even more importantly, having the right analytics to track interventions and evaluation the impact of partnership working.

Our solutions for Supporting Families enable the matching of data sets across multiple sources to provide a ‘single view’ of individuals and families, even where unique identifiers do not exist. our analytics then provide rich insights into individual needs, family composition, locality hotspots and links to workers and teams, presented in a visual and interactive way for both strategic decision makers and operational workers.

Our analytics are designed to be sustainable for the future. They can be scaled and evolved across your wider organisation to enable a greater understand of the multiple needs and issues that individual and families experience across the public sector locally, offering great value for years to come.

Supporting Families solution:

  • Identification of individuals and families with multiple needs
  • Profiling and analysis of family composition
  • Geographic and demographic hotspots
  • Drill-down to family and individual level to see interventions and worker involvements
  • Progress analysis against local outcomes

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