Customer Service and Experience

The implementation of a new customer platform is at the heart of many digital transformation programmes. However, the analysis of customer activity and the impact of these investments is all too often an afterthought...

Our analytical products for CRM activity, telephony and social media engagement provide interactive insights into your customer contacts across all channels; demonstrating usage and the profile of customers aligned to target groups to help demonstrate channel shift and return on investment. Strategic and operational reports provide a window into the patterns and trends of your customer contacts, including the reasons for contact, levels of satisfaction and timeliness of response/action.

Social media and sentiment analysis provides a ‘temperature check’ for your organisation, by not only profiling the direct contacts received by the organisation but also the wider mentions and conversation relating to your people and places.

Customer Service Products

  • Volumes and trends in customer contacts

  • Profiling of customers by need and contact reasons

  • Analysis of complaints, including timelines

  • Freedom of Information request made and response performance

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