children's services

Children’s social care covers a wide range of services and is fast becoming the top priority for many Local Authorities.

Although statutory services are recognised as being the most costly, there is an increasing need to identify those children and families who may be a risk of statutory intervention in the future.

Our analytical products for children’s social care provide insights into your current statutory services, and provide a profile of the children and young people receiving support. By automating these essential data requirements, the focus can then shift to analysis of the risk factors associated with need in later life – for children and their wider family networks – to enable data-driven early intervention and prevention.

Children's services Products

  • Front door demand for children’s services (MASH, front door, single point of entry)

  • Profiling of children in care, child protection and children in need

  • Operational caseloads

  • ‘Annex A’ reporting for Ofsted

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