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At itelligent-i we are committed to delivering social value where we can.  For itelligent-i this means enhancing our Public Sector customer’s understanding of the citizens they serve, and building a new skillset in our customer’s teams.  itelligent-i recruit with equal opportunities and employ across the UK to serve customer localities, and additionally minimise the impact on the environment through secure cloud based, remote working.

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our social values and continued commitment

itelligent-i recognises the importance of improving social value and is firmly committed to the task. As an SME, itelligent-i has and always will think big in terms of improving community opportunities and outcomes across the U.K, and especially in customer localities.

Social Value is in itelligent-i’s DNA. As a self-made success story, our founder and CEO Tim Windsor set the company up with no investment funding. The Company has grown to the market leading business it is today by successfully enabling highly complex Public Sector organisations to become Data Driven.  itelligent-i’s success, in turn, enables its customers to better serve the citizens,  communities and localities that rely on them.

itelligent-i has led the way in enabling new cloud-based data services in the Public Sector. Delivering a capability to develop insights through analytics, to understand societal needs at a local and even individual level, from all the relevant data that can be bought to bare in a secure, governed and conscious manner. itelligent-i implement solutions at a level of investment that is now affordable and sustainable, with zero propriety solutions and full knowledge transition to the customer organisations.

Not only does itelligent-i deliver great analytics with proven solutions in Social Care, Social Housing, Education, Early Help, Community Commissioning etc. itelligent-i is committed to transitioning capability, developed at the cutting edge of the latest data and insight practice, to customers, in full.

itelligent-i’s commitment to increasing social value goes beyond enabling organisations at the forefront of driving improved social inclusion, community prosperity and equal access to opportunity across localities. The company is committed to paying all its employees well above the living wage and demand the same from any partner organisations and suppliers.

itelligent-i is an equal opportunities employer that recruit nationally, and location is no barrier to employing people due to the company’s ability to deliver remotely. itelligent-i work with recruiters across the U.K to bring people into its team and bring new high value jobs into customers workforces through the transformation delivered. This enables customers to better their locality by training and developing high skill, high value data and insight professionals.

Developing ‘our own’ has been integral to itelligent-i’s business success story, as life at the cutting edge has meant always being ahead of the supply curve for employees with the right skills.  Importantly itelligent-i is committed to finding potential from any background with the right mindset and enabling them to succeed and help one of the fastest growing professions in the U.K.

itelligent-i is 100% committed to stimulating growth of job opportunity in the data and insight sector.  The company’s thought and practice leaders commit ‘pro-bono’ time to leading professional user groups, guest university lecturing and a range of other development activities that build capacity across localities and itelligent-i are always willing to match this to localities where our customers are based.