Master Data Management (MDM)

Integral to itelligent-i Data and Business Analytics Platform is...

…the ability to match data across a multitude of systems whether it is People, Families, Properties or Assets, Master Data Management is a key part of the solution.

Line of Business systems are beginning to hold a wider range of data, but there is no single system that holds all information about every contact, payment or service provided. Without the ability to match records across business systems, the analytics is limited to each system and remains very descriptive (what has happened), without answering why? While this may be suitable for a single business unit it is likely to not answer all questions and it certainly doesn’t provide the insight a complex organisation requires. itelligent-i is providing more analytics to customer that require an understanding of family units (the make up of a family), cost profiles, provider profiles and area profiles that cannot be modelled without data matching.

It's largely true, that if you are predicting numbers of individuals within a cohort you will need to know all of the affecting factors that determine risk and to do this, you need to link records contained in many different systems, open source files, and partner provided data sets.

Local Authorities will hold the data, such as academic attainment, attendance and progress in systems separate to the social care circumstances for known individuals (e.g. CP, LAC, health circumstances). In fact during itelligent-i’s Corporate Business Intelligence review we have seen no less than 20, and as many as 197 data sources from which data analysts have to manually extract and match records to produce their findings.

Many individuals will not be known to Social Care, but many of the factors such as offending, absenteeism, SEND, Free School Meals, substance misuse, employment status etc. may potentially require a social care provision in the future. It is for this reason that itelligent-i provide the functionality to link records together with a Master Data Management (MDM) solution.

These are only some of the
discussions we have with many Local Authorities.

There are many more examples, and large amounts of national research that clearly articulate the need for managing complex and varied scenarios at and individual, family and cohort levels enabling local authorities to redesign their Social Care services to meet the needs of their residents using early intervention and prevention.