IoT: real time, real data, real purpose

Using IoT solutions to help monitor people in need of care as well as collecting event and activity data from places and assets is integral to developing modern Citizen-focused digital infrastructure. IoT also adds increased insight into People and Place needs. Implementing IoT doesn’t have to be complex but Sensor data alone will not achieve your goals. Integrating IoT data to your existing data across Social Care, Finance, Highways, Planning and Infrastructure means it can be analysed so you can make faster decisions and improve your services with insight.

we know what analytics is needed,
so we know where IoT can make a difference

IoT has long been discussed in Social Care and Infrastructure projects. The good news is that adding IoT to itelligent-i’s Business Analytics Platform using Windows IoT Core and the Microsoft’s Azure platform is simple. Working with itelligent-i means you get a data partner to provide the secure infrastructure design and implementation, the expertise to understand an organisations requirement, and the ability to provide analytics that delivers insight from your data. This is accomplished by combining IoT sensor data with citizen data, or even automating activity.

It is undeniable that data can support organisations by providing better provision services, better design contracts and streamline processes. itelligent-i’s Information Strategy and Data in Digital methodologies support organisations by helping them understand how to manage and facilitate data to achieve their strategic goals. IoT is a key technology to enabling data collection so we can improve Care services and better manage assets.

the technology has never been simpler

Adding Microsoft IoT Core enabled devices to an organisations infrastructure is easier than ever. Everything is built on the itelligent-i Business Analytics Platform, which is built in Microsoft Azure. No hardware (other than the device) is needed, and you can spin up secure environments in a day. IoT Core devices can be managed and maintained easily and real time streaming data can be sent from an assortment of sensors, including:

  • home (monitoring temperature, sound, movement, water flow)
  • citizens (heart monitors, personnel devices)
  • general building configuration (number of entries, number of exits, temperature, room usage etc.)
  • asset management (bin usage, railway tracks, street lights)

The possibilities are endless. If there is a sensor that can take a reading, the data can be captured and analysed to automate or inform.

itelligent-i can implement the infrastructure and code to integrate into the devices and produce the analytics you need.

we understand the local authority
landscape, and how IoT data can benefit

itelligent-i works in partnership with our customers to develop analytics aligned to their business strategy. We also aim to achieve operational excellence and meet their ever-increasing, complex needs. This means we get to know our customers incredibly well.

Building IoT into the Digital Strategy (Data in Digital) is difficult if you can’t provide a business case. Prototyping and proof of concepts become an essential aspect in minimising cost of entry and proving viability in the longer term. We’re able to advise and develop solutions alongside individual teams and departments by

taking the time to work in partnership with our customers. At the same time, we also provide itelligent-i’s analytical know how, Azure knowledge and the best implementation of the Business Analytics Platform built on Microsoft Azure data solutions.

By doing what itelligent-i does best and incorporating IoT sensor data into your corporate Business Analytics Platform we will develop engaging analytics and derive real insight too.