As CEO and Founder of itelligent-i I’d like to take the opportunity to announce an exciting new partnership with Hitachi Solutions Europe ( which will enable full end to end Transformation through Digital, using the Microsoft Azure technologies.

itelligent-i has been delivering high quality analytics and data platforms to the Public Sector for over 6 years. itelligent-i’s leadership team, data engineers and analysts are incredibly well versed in the Public Sector, many of them having held senior transformation or analytical roles prior to joining itelligent-i. itelligent-i has used this experience and knowledge, while working with several Local Government organisations across the country, and developed analytical products spanning all Local Government departments and services that use data to provide insights into the activity and cost related to supply and demand. itelligent-i’s analytical solutions support transformation by enabling critical decision making based on evidence, and service re-design by enabling an organsiation to understand and monitor (in near real-time) the current and future supply and demand (both the activity and the associated costs) at an aggregated and transactional level.

itelligent-i’s Microsoft Azure based Data and Analytics Platform enables analysts to turn data into insightful analytics, so organisations can modify practices to meet customer demand and cost pressures. It also provides many more benefits, for example enabling integration, automation, AI and Bots, and sharing anonymised data securely.

In recent years we’ve seen an increase in the number of data sources that aren’t traditional databases or files. The advent of sensors being implemented in Social Care and Smart Cities (IoT), and the massive volumes of data being shared between Health, Local Government, Police and Fire, bring opportunities for using data for much more than analytics. Using itelligent-i’s Data and Analytics Platform, customers enable their data asset. Bringing data together from structured and unstructured sources, itelligent-i’s platform provides a single version of the truth for descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics, and enables integration from any digital platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s Power Platform, AI and Bots. This means organisations can not only analyse their data to make better informed decisions, they can now use their data held in the secure Microsoft Azure platform to automate, integrate and innovate. Alongside implementing analytics we have customer projects delivering Open Data, Data Sharing and Smart City Platforms, all using the Microsoft Azure services and data held securely and centrally in itelligent-i’s Data and Analytics Platform.

We have long needed a trusted partner to collaborate with and maximise the potential of digital automation. 

Partnering with Hitachi Solutions Europe is a fantastic opportunity for customers to benefit from the expertise of digitising Local Government business process and customer experience, and itelligent-i providing insightful analytics, monitoring and data integration into the business processes for automation and workflow.

To get the best from Microsoft technology, customers need accredited partners with deep technical expertise, and in-depth experience of Local Government, and at the same time, ensure customers quickly realise a return on their investment. Partners also need to offer accelerators, which are tailored or specific to the unique needs of Local Government. 

By bringing together our solutions, our services and our people, itelligent-i and Hitachi Solutions are uniquely placed to provide truly integrated offerings specifically for Local Government. From analytics and joined up data providing deep insight into strategic need, operational performance and customer need, to transforming the technology underpinning service delivery, together we offer the Microsoft expertise to allow organisations to truly embrace and accelerate Digital Transformation. And in doing so, unlocking the full potential of customers’ investment in Microsoft, including the cutting-edge IoT and AI capability.

  • itelligent-i has extensive experience developing data strategies for Local Government and implementing carefully-designed, insightful analytics and data platforms which support critical decisions, and help organisations to re-design services to meet current and future demands. Using modern BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Azure Databricks itelligent-i has delivered thousands of analytical solutions including a single view of a person, Troubled Families, strategic and operational analytics for all Local Government Departments and delivering predictive analytics. itelligent-i’s Microsoft Azure based data platform extends much further. Capturing sensor and remote device data (IoT), being the foundation of Smart Cities platforms, providing an Open Data platforms and enabling data integration with many other solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, AI and Bots.
  • Hitachi Solutions has unparalleled expertise in providing Local Government solutions built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps. They allow customers to reimagine business process and customer experience, and break the dependency on many of the traditional applications which the sector has been required to use, sometimes for years, which cannot keep pace with the rate of change needed.

This announcement represents the coming together of Microsoft’s 2019 Government Partner of The Year, and the unquestioned leader in Local Government data and analytics. Over the coming weeks both companies will be sharing more exciting details, showcasing the solutions and conversations and how they truly enable Digital Transformation.

If you would like to know more in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact either myself Tim Windsor (itelligent-i), Richard Shipton (Hitachi Solutions Europe), or any member of our teams.

Tim Windsor

Tim Windsor

CEO and Founder of itelligent-i. Tim has had a global consulting career in IT, from software development to sales, and then moving onto delivering Change and Digital Transformation for large organisations. In 2013, Tim founded itelligent-i to enable organisations understand their data asset, and how insightful analytics can be fundamental in driving positive change in practice, behaviour and outcomes.