Having an enterprise data platform has enabled the Council to securely and efficiently use data and develop analytics. Now the platform is also key to quickly and easily responding to the complex challenges of Covid-19.  The data platform will enable increasingly sophisticated triage of service requests to ensure the most appropriate response while providing strategic and operational insights to all the District, County and Health teams who are collaborating in this crisis.  Through the platform based approach, any further data sets can easily be added such as financial or location based data to track costs and health outcomes for residents and other more advanced analytics can be developed”

explained Mandy Quayle, Director responsible for Digital Transformation at Gloucestershire County Council 

Gloucestershire County Council is working in partnership with District Councils in the county to enable quick, easy and appropriate support to citizens affected by Covid-19. In partnership the Local Authority has set up a Gloucestershire’s Community Help Hub, dealing with requests for help from vulnerable and higher risk groups in their locality as well as offers of support from volunteers and local businesses.  Through the online portal, local community groups, charities, volunteers and businesses can offer support that can help people who are in need of including, counselling, housing provision, financial advice, shopping, collection/delivery of essential items, risk of domestic violence, mental health services, underlying care and health needs.

The County Council is working with their public sector specialist data partner itelligent-i to develop automated visual analytics through their MS Azure based enterprise Data and Analytics Platform. These analytics combine the data collected from online requests securely with the vulnerability and shielding data provided by the NHS as well as the Council’s own Adult Social Care and Children’s Social Care caseload.  Using streaming analytics the Council is developing frequently updated triaging analytics that enable Adults and Children’s social care teams to review anyone on their caseload to determine vulnerability and identify whether additional needs are best met through existing providers or teams enabling the district councils to focus on need they are better placed to action.

These analytics are presented in Microsoft Power BI and will be securely shared with the district hubs to enable all teams to quickly respond to the requests for support and expertly match it with appropriate provision as well as providing national benchmarking while tracking impact of provisions delivered.  The suite of reports will provide strategic, operational and customer level views but will be securely controlled to ensure no personally identifiable data is shared with anyone who should not have access.

Moving forward, the Council is discussing with itelligent-i the implementation and deployment of apps that are fully integrated with the itelligent-i Azure based Data and Analytics Platform to preloaded the App and Analytics with triage flags based on the data from a range on Social Care platforms and data held in local files.

Having an enterprise data platform has enabled the secure use of data, but also quickly and easily respond to the challenges of Covid-19.  The data platform will enable automated triage at the point of supply or service request, and through the platform based approach, any further data sets can easily be added such as financial or location based data to track costs and health outcomes for residents.

If you’re implementing or using the itelligent-i methodology and/or the itelligent-i Data and Analytics Platform on Azure, you’ll be able to make the same fast and effective response as Gloucestershire CC and their partners.  Either contact us through your itelligent-i Data Partner Centre portal, via our website contact form, or speak with your dedicated Principal Consultant.

Tim Windsor

Tim Windsor

CEO and Founder of itelligent-i. Tim has had a global consulting career in IT, from software development to sales, and then moving onto delivering Change and Digital Transformation for large organisations. In 2013, Tim founded itelligent-i to enable organisations understand their data asset, and how insightful analytics can be fundamental in driving positive change in practice, behaviour and outcomes.