Data In Digital

Data is the life blood of any organisation. The flow of data enables quick, effective decisions and automation that benefits customers while reducing burden. Collecting the right information in the right way is essential for the modern Data Driven organisations.

Data is digital.

It’s the fundamental foundation of an organisations digital strategy.  Data must effectively and efficiently flow end-to-end through an organisation, enabling processes and data collection to be purposeful, productive and automated when needed.

Data is constantly being ingested and modified in source systems.  Organisations invest heavily to use data to understand their business, develop Services and provide data and insight to a multitude partnering, and parent organisations.  If collected and used correctly, organisations can monitor, manage and improve services for customers, and increase productivity within teams (also see information strategy).

In complex organisations this needs to happen across increasingly sophisticated value chains including citizens/customers, communities, volunteers, partners, private-sector and public-sector delivery teams and commissioners.  The digital challenge has moved beyond customer channel shift to whole service channel shift, enabling data to flow through the organisation and allowing the right ‘touch-points’.  These touch points can then inform, connect, automate, enable and empower staff by taking immediate action when necessary, and support making well-informed decisions.  This is the digital challenge your organisation faces.

The need for rapid data collection that is integrated with Line of Business applications has always been difficult for ICT and frustrating for Business Users.  itelligent-i’s Data in Digital practice helps to resolve these issues, and has been working with itelligent-i’s customers to support their Business Applications development and implementations, and align it to there data strategy and data platforms.  

itelligent-i has developed a suite of Core Accelerators for the Microsoft Power Apps platform which allows collection of data through any device and includes workflows to ensure the data capture is simple and guided experience for users, and keeps data quality high.  All application can be implemented and used standalone, or integrated with data stored in the itelligent-i Data and Analytics Platform (iDAP), which is built on the Microsoft Azure. 

By integrating data with the iDAP can in the apps can be automatically kept in-line with your line of business applications, and all data collected is automatically included in the Power BI analytics suites built on the iDAP.

data in digital is our approach to enabling quick understanding of how data will be embedded into an organisations digital transformation ambition and how data is then activated to deliver this ambition.

Using our data-in-digital framework we will help you pinpoint exactly where data-flow needs to be developed to finalise your digital transformation ambition. We help you to identify how the role data will play in your new digital environment through our active data outcomes:

data in digital then enables your organisation to move into active delivery. Having established the role of data and it’s benefits, we’ll work with your organisation to develop end-to-end data flow models. With these models, you’ll be able to capture, update and deliver data at a transactional, process, service or whole organisational level.






To enable the market, itelligent-i has developed partnerships with the very best technology venders in Business Process Automation tools; Microsoft Business Apps and Pega Systems. Using our experienced knowledge of the sector, we have carefully selected two of the very best technologies to ensure our customers have a solution to fit their organisation’s roadmap.


itelligent-i’s in-depth knowledge of the contemporary public service landscape and cloud based data delivery means we are in a unique place to support you.

We offer the ability to redesign your service processes so data flows from the citizen, through delivery partners and back to commissioners as great analytical insight (also see information strategy). In addition, we can now also support you, deliver value adding data-flows across your organisation, and it is our end-to-end approach and sector knowledge that sets us apart.