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“As part of our Digital Transformation journey, we talked to a number of partners who had a capability in Data and insights.”….”itelligent-i came in and where a breath of fresh air. They really understood the platforms and what we could do…” — Simon Oliver, Director, Digital Transformation Bristol City Council

Microsoft and Bristol City Council describe their journey with itelligent-i to become a truly Data Driven organisation. Enabling services to be developed and modified based on facts provided by fully automated analytics, bringing together data from many, many data sources…

Simon Oliver (Director, Digital Transformation) and Ann James (Director Children’s Services) explain the successful first phase of their Data and Analytics journey, in which the current corporate Data and Insights programme was developed, which is now being implemented with itelligent-i.

itelligent-i supported Bristol City Council to implement itelligent-i’s Data Services framework for a Microsoft Azure based Data and Analytics platform. Then go on to develop profiles of children, known to multiple services, based on a frequency and risk index developed in Microsoft Power BI.

The analytics and insights developed removed any human intervention in the process and enabled a fully automated, highly audited and secure view for use by those experts across the Council to improve the lives of young people. The analytics are being used by a number of key teams across the Council, who are in contact with children with support needs, enabling the right support through a more holistic understanding of children with increasingly complex lives and needs.

“we’re able to get information quickly and share with others in the network quickly”…”now we’ve got the potential to grow and go further in our use of data, so that together we’re able to deliver on our vision for the City..” — Ann James, Children’s Services Director, Bristol City Council

The Microsoft Azure based Data and Analytics Platform and is fully automated, providing the ability to use and present data in a compliant and secure way. It also enhances data quality by ensuring the experts maintain data correctly in the source systems, which then automatically feed through to analytical outputs.

Bringing data together from multiple systems has removed duplication of activity across services, enabling each contact with a child to be appropriately planned, targeted and tailored to the most critical needs of the child.

All Council LoB data bases, many open source files and shared data held in the Azure Data and Analytics Platform is now being used to develop service level analytics across all parts of Adults Social Care, Children’s (all services), Housing, Finance and HR through itelligent-i’s Power BI accelerators and following the itelligent-i Information Strategy Methodology to ensure compliance and ethical usage of data.

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